Artist in Focus | Ethan Evanchak

Untitled, 2021

Introducing Ethan Evanchak, Denver, Colorado Artist

About the Artist:

Over the last 10 years I’ve turned my interest in the medium from a sporadic practice into a semi regular one. For the longest time I would make something and just tuck it away, unsure of what to do with it or where it belonged. Collage felt really private to me, and it still does, but I think I’ve reached a point where I feel like the point of making art is to share it.

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Process Shot, Self-Portrait, Studio Pic

I’ve learned to be more less intentional regarding the process and not the composition. A good work space and spontaneous practice yields better results; things flow. Sitting down and planning out a time and place makes the end result less exciting.

Painting Silver, 2021

I use the medium out of necessity and proximity. Often my source materials are junk mail, catalogs or found magazines. I view cut out photographs as more multifaceted than paint on a palette. The colors are mixed, the textures are already formed. It’s ready-made quality is conducive to quickly tethering slippery, subconscious ideas. Or my ideas expand as the cut pieces fall into place. Something I like to keep in mind is that I want to share something relatable. I try to convey a sense of playfulness in my work.

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Top Panel - Untitled, 2021 / Neptune, 2021 / Untitled, 2021

Bottom Panel - Untitled, 2021 / Untitled, 2021 / Untitled, 2019