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Artist in Focus | Jolie Ruin

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Introducing Jolie Ruin, Indiana, US Artist


About the Artist:

Jolie Ruin is a mixed media and collage artist. She started doing collage art in 2010. She's a Latina feminist and publishes her own zines and books. She also runs a t-shirt company called Riot Grrrl Press. Some of her work can be seen in the Netflix movie "Moxie", which is about a teen who starts a feminist zine calling out sexism at her school.

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Top Panel - Muncie Arts Walk, Submission Call for Skurt Cobain #4, Self-Portrait

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I discovered Jolie when I was putting together /DRI:M/SPACE's first open call, "Don't Run from the Fire", for International Women's Day. I wanted to come up with a clever cover photo for social media and I just happened to see Jolie's work pop-up! The text on the collage read, "Let's Smash the Patriarchy." How fitting, right?

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Jolie's Mixed Media Collages


Q & A with the artist:

/DRI:M/ARTZ: Why art?

Jolie Ruin: I've always loved art but I've never been any good at drawing or painting. That's why I chose to do collages. I guess I kind of do a little bit of everything (writing, making zines & t-shirts) but art is my favorite way to express myself.

DA: When did you first identify as a feminist? Share a memory that solidified it for you.

JR: I guess probably in high school. Guys were either really mean to me or would hit on me and I couldn't just sit there & take it. I would stand up for myself & let them have it. But I was labeled a "bitch" for it! Not a "feminist"—ha. I also discovered riot grrrl zines & music back then & that's really what solidified it for me.

DA: Your mixed-media collages crack me up! They are super funny and the social commentary is right-on. How do you come up with your one-liners?

JR: A lot of them are songs lyrics but I also include funny things I've heard on tv or I've heard people say or something that I thought of that I thought was funny.... & I keep a list on my phone or I'll jot it down in a notebook. And it really comes in handy if I need inspiration for my art!

DA: What’s next for you?

JR: In the immediate future: I'm a vendor at the Scranton Punk Rock Flea & Zinefest this coming weekend! I plan to do more stuff like that. I run Riot Grrrl Press (a t-shirt company with my husband) & we are working on some new designs. I have a few zines coming out soon & I also have enough material to do a new art book! So that's probably in the near future as well.


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Instagram | @jolieruin

Instagram | @riotgrrrlpress

Etsy Shop | TheEscapistArtist


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