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Curated Paper Cuts | Naomi Vona

Art Collage Kit Nº3

Introducing Naomi Vona, London, UK Artist


/DRI:M/ARTZ: Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Naomi Vona: Hi, my name is Naomi Vona and I am an Italian artist based in London. My technique is a mix and match of collage, illustration and photography, where I use as a canvas existing found images. I have a degree in Design and Photography from Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Italy. My passion for illustration and photography drove me to experiment with collage since I was a student, developing my personal style later on. In 2013 I started to play with vintage photos paintings, doodling and attaching stickers over them. The result gave me an amazing feeling, so I realised that this was the best way to express myself to the world.

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Naomi in her Studio, Process Shots, & Selection of Mixed Media Collages

DA: Why do you make collage kits?

NV: During the first lockdown last year I thought that creating collage kits would be a great idea to keep in touch with the creative community. I also run workshops, and I knew I would not be able to host a live event for a long time. The response was really positive, I realised how much people wanted to get involved in making things and stay connected as well, even if from a distance.

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Collage Kit Nº3 Details Containing Vintage, Repurposed & Brand New Papers

DA: What gave you the idea to offer them to the collage community?

NV: I realised that I was “submerged” in paper stuff at home, and I wanted to share this treasure with people that have the same passion for papers. I was thrilled to select the best bits of what I collected over the years for someone else.

DA: How do you go about designing the collage kits? Do you have specific themes in mind?

NV: What I usually do is select the papers that I would use for my pieces. I go for a mix and match of brand new, repurposed/recycled and vintage paper, to recall my style and my way of making collages. I often include papers that are part of my personal collection as well, so it’s a curated pack of paper goodies.

Manipulated Vintage Girl Portrait

DA: Are they analogue bits? Digital? Snail mailed and/or downloaded?

NV: All my kits are analogue paper scraps coming from my personal collection. They include vintage, repurposed/recycled and brand new papers. I carefully curate each kit, and they also represent well my style and way of doing collages.

DA: What do the kits cost?

NV: My latest kit is available for £19. You can purchase it here.

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Top Panel - Collage Kit Paper Scraps

Bottom Panel - Collage Workshop Participants / "From Fashion Ad To Protest" Workshop

DA: Any future projects that you are working on?

NV: I am actually running online Zoom art classes every month, I believe that’s the best solution to keep in touch with the community without any risk. I also really missed hosting workshops and I needed to find a solution, so here it is!


You can join in the collaging fun and sign up for Naomi's live art classes here. One particular offering that stands out to me is her "From Fashion Ad To Protest" art class. In the description Naomi writes, "What happens when we turn the purpose of a fashion advertising image into a more deep and meaningful message?"

Well, take a look at Naomi's manipulated fashion piece below and see for yourself. You get pure awesomeness. I just love this concept!

Manipulated Fashion Portrait

Check out this sneak peak of Naomi putting together a collage kit. And, be sure to follow Naomi's links below to learn more about the artist and her creative endeavors. Enjoy!

Website & Shop | Naomi Vona Art

Instagram | mariko_koda


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