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/DRI:M/SPACE | Collagists in the House

Welcome to /DRI:M/SPACE—a platform for Collage. Here you will find spotlights, interviews, collage kits, and all around "shop talk" elevating contemporary collage and artists working in the medium.

Inclusivity Reigns at /DRI:M/SPACE


/DRI:M/SPACE wants to hear from other creatives. Want to collaborate on a project? Have an idea for an Open Call, Zine, or Exhibition? DRI:M/SPACE is all about engaging in meaningful discourse and activity that centers around collage art. Don't be shy!


For SPOTLIGHTS follow and hashtag #drimspace


If you enjoy the content at /DRI:M/SPACE please support by making a DONATION

Thank you!


Michelle Concetta Parchini aka /DRI:M/ARTZ


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