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In the premiere issue of /DRI:M/SPACE, Kim Triedman, Agnieszka Zając, and Nyree Troughton go deep with fellow artists Laurence Briat, Harri Kalha, and Derek Meier. Monique Vettraino and Ruth Saporito join forces to create a Toronto collage guide (a "collaguide"). Inga Markstrom shares a personally curated cut-out page, and Natalie Huth shocks the senses with her uncanny art & collage poems. Turn the page and you will find my interviews with Niko Vartiainen, Nobuyuki Satow and Spotlights with ZL Raymond and Eloise Kyrell. Finally scope out the inspired submissions from the finalists for the Blow Your Cover open call, selected and curated by yours truly and Petra Zehner from Paris Collage Collective.

136 Pages


ORDER PRINT > $35.00/Shipping Included


/DRI:M/SPACE is a platform for all things collage. Our aim is to elevate and promote emerging artists working in the medium. In each issue of the magazine you will find artist led curations with interviews and spotlights, a collage city guide, exclusive cut-cut pages designed by a collagist, a theme based open call chosen by a guest curator, and more!

Available magazine formats to purchase:

> Digital download featuring a responsive flipbook that will look great on mobile phones, tablets both in Android, iOS and all the desktop browsers.

> For those wanting to relish the opportunity to hold something real in their hands you can order a high-quality print publication.


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