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From Icons to Cats—Cultural Historical Fragments | Kosmo Nauty

Praga No.1 Collage Kit Page

Introducing Kosmo Nauty, Prague Collagist


/DRI:M/ARTZ: Tell me a little about yourself.

Kosmo Nauty: I'm a creator and collector based in Prague (Czech Republic) who has a passion for hand-cut collage and votive objects. My work uses aspects of memory, archetypes, and childhood. I´m obsessed with reviving old unnecessary objects and items—upcycling textile, recycling paper, and cardboard. I focus only on analogue collages—it's a way of reaching history through the collection of old visual material. Collage, for me, is an art form that serves as a kind of interpretation of individual memory and remembrance.

DA: What inspired you to make collage kits and offer them to the community?

KN: I have prepared collage kits during the coronavirus pandemic as a means of communication for the general public around the world. At present I prefer collage kits to analogue collages. I'm interested in the selection, composition, and thematic designing of collage kits—its visual form can refer to the independent composition, a picture, or poster. My first collage kit (#26/2019) was in response to a Call to Artists for Kolaj Magazine—they host a curated project called The Cut Out Page. The Cut Out Page feature is a selection of fragments that one can use to make a collage. You can also download a PDF of the page here.

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Top Panel - Praga Collage Kit Pages

Bottom Panel - A Cat is a Cat is a Cat is a Cat Collage Kit

DA: How do you go about designing the templates? Do you offer specific themes?

KN: I only select and organize collage kits regarding themes. In this respect I have arranged cultural-historical kits, sewing theme envelopes, and Christmas sets. The most successful collage kit is about cats.

DA: Do you create digital kits, as well?

KN: I assemble both of these collage kits.

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Collage In the Time of Covid (Vol. 1), Kit in Special Map Envelope

DA: What do the kits cost? Are they free of charge?

KN: They are free of charge! Just pay for postage.

DA: Any future projects that you are working on?

KN: Now, I'm actually finalizing my project for World Collage Day. I conceive World Collage Day as an unusual celebration of paper leftovers and cutouts!

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Top Panel - Collage Kit No. 1 / Assorted Collage Postcards / Collage Kit No.2

Middle Panel - Kosmo Nauty Kit Collages for World Collage Day, 2020

Bottom Panel - Assorted Collage Kit Pages


You can download Kosmo Nauty's collage kits from the /DRI:M/SPACE Digikit section here!

Instagram | kosmo_nauty


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