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Pop Culture Bits | Ramisha Sattar

Vibey Collage Kit Page

Introducing Ramisha Sattar, Texas Artist


/DRI:M/ARTZ: Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Ramisha Sattar: I am an artist based in Dallas, TX! I specialize in collage art, illustration, and motion graphics! I am currently studying Arts & Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas!

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Top Panel - Charlotte / Crush / Save a Horse, Ride a Cowgirl!

Bottom Panel - Capricorn Moodboard CHANI App / Crush

DA: Why do you make collage kits?

RS: I have always been super into reading magazines and scrapbooking, so I combined the two and ended up here!

DA: What gave you the idea to offer them to the collage community?

RS: Rookie Mag! They had tons of artists creating different collage kits for their readers and it was so wholesome and fun! I loved seeing the different ideas their readers came up with based on the kits! I know it can also be overwhelming when you start collaging, because there are so many different images out there, so it is always nice to give artists a place to start!

Self-Portrait, 2021

DA: How do you go about designing the templates? Specific themes?

RS: It really depends! If I am curating it for a specific publication, I usually try to do one that has to do with the current season! I love using nature in my kits. If it is just for fun, I usually do it based off of things that have been exciting me recently (movies, fashion trends, decades, etc.)!

Alphabet Collage Kit Page

DA: Are they analogue bits? Digital? Snail mailed and/or downloaded?

RS: I use a combination of scanned pieces from magazines, digital finds, and vintage finds!

DA: What do the kits cost? Are they free of charge?

RS: Free!

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Assorted Cut-Out Pages from Ramisha's Collage Kits

DA: Any future projects that you are working on?

RS: I am currently working on tons of collages for my job at the CHANI app!


You can download a variety of Ramisha's eclectic collage kits from the /DRI:M/SPACE Digikit section here!

Website | Ramisha Sattar

Instagram | menswearmisha

Instagram | mishaspice


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