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Spooky Clichés & Cutesy Bits | Ramisha Sattar Digikit

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Digikit by Ramisha Sattar

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, so making this collage kit was a blast. It's filled with your typical spooky clichés like clowns and witches, and of course ET, our favorite neighborhood alien! <3 I also included some stills from Bollywood movies and photos of friends. I hope you have fun ringing in Halloween by getting creative with this cute and eerie collage kit!

About the Collagist

Ramisha Sattar is a designer based in Dallas, Texas. She loves telling stories through illustration, motion graphics, and collaging.

Ramisha currently serves as the lead designer for the CHANI app!

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Website | Ramisha Sattar

Instagram | menswearmisha

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