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Spotlight: Collagist | Pedro Mendoza

And I, 2020

Introducing Pedro Mendoza, Fort Worth, TX Collagist


/DRI:M/SPACE is stoked to spotlight Pedro, a self taught artist, currently working in collage and mixed media. He uses found and printed images and incorporates his own photographs, at times adding ink or acrylic paints. He likes to explore different mediums and styles. He doesn't want to limit himself to just one set way of creating. According to Pedro, inspiration and ideas come through his mood, surroundings, an image found, or music. In creating he wants each piece to be its own story inspiring imagination, fantasy, or escape in the viewer.

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Untitled, 2020 / Untitled, 2020 / Whatisable, 2021

Movement Collage, 2020

Mendoza's collages evoke the new wave, post punk aesthetic of the 70's and 80's. Vibrant, abstract shapes zig-zag their way through his imagery adding a sense of movement to his work. Straight edged works mingle with his jagged torn paper creations. His collages can be playful but there's often a tension at play in them, as well. One thing's for sure, Pedro's collages are unabashedly bold.

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You Keep Me, 2019 / Untitled, 2020 / III, 2019

Check out Pedro's tune recommendation "Goodbye Horses" performed by Q Lazzarus.

Instagram | _p_mendoza


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