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Vintage Style Collage Set | Agnieszka Zajac aka Agazart

Vintage Style Collage Set by Agazart


This beautiful, generous and thoughtfully designed Vintage Style Collage Set has everything that you need for scrapbooking, journaling, collaging and any art project.

You will receive 40+ pieces of various elements including:

  • collectible Victorian cabinet card

  • reproductions of vintage & retro photographs

  • old postcards

  • a page from old photo album

  • dried leaves and flowers

  • pieces of fabric and botanical mullberry paper

  • hand painted paper

  • little wooden frames

  • blank craft cards

  • card

Each set includes washi tape in a botanical pattern, beautifully shaped stork scissors and a notebook for your art projects, which are all neatly tucked into a vintage tin, wrapped in vintage fabric and secured with beautiful ribbon.

All elements come from my private collection of vintage ephemera, some of which are 100 years old. If you love nostalgia, past memories and found photographs - this kit is perfect for you!


About the Artist:

Agnieszka is a Polish born collage artist based in Plymouth, UK. Her work is intuitive and explores themes of absence and solitude, lost and forgotten identities that she finds once again in old photographs and family albums. Her visual storytelling is inspired by music, nature, her own life , family roots and childhood memories.

With her collages she builds a bridge between past and present, searching for memories faded and hidden in the depths of subconciousnes yet still breathing and waiting to be heard and seen.

She is very passionate about collecting vintage, retro and contemporary collage materials, teaching workshops and sharing her love for collage with others. She believes in the healing and therapeutic power of art and in collage - as a best meditation practice and a safe place where we can be totally free.

Agnieszka is also the founder of @polaroidscollageclub - a collage community built on the idea of collaboration between Polaroid photographers and collage artists, a creative hub that unites all media artist who make collages with retro and contemporary Polaroids on a weekly basis.

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Instagram | _agazart_


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