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Spotlight: Collagist | Maddie Rhondeau

Untitled, 2020

Introducing Maddie Rhondeau, Charlottesville, VA Collagist


/DRI:M/SPACE is psyched to spotlight Maddie, a Surrealist painter & collagist, who pushes back against the feminine ideal and provides an alternative narrative to the image of women in her work. Her enigmatic narrative collages drip with symbolically feminine imagery but the characters populating her moody, surreal scapes push back against the male gaze.

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The Patron Fairy of Pandemics, 2020 / Fairies Don't Believe in "Celebrations of Life." 2020 / No Dummies, 2020

Maddie joined Graham Cooling, creator of the podcast Yelling at Concrete, to talk about her work, Surrealism, scarcity mindset, the importance of owning your art, how the medium of collage deserves more accolades and so much more. Check it out!

Website | MER

Instagram | merhondeau


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