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Rescued Papers | Necessityofnonsense Digikit

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Digikit by Ria Bauwens aka Necessityofnonsense

This collage kit created by Necessityofnonsense features an eclectic mix of rescued papers with colorful graphics and images. Download and enjoy!

From the Collagist

In the past 20 years I have been active as a mail artist. I work in different kinds of disciplines such as photography, collage, carving, drawing and mixed media. I have spearheaded open calls and taken part in hundreds of mailart projects worldwide and co-curated the exhibition What about Croxhapox? together with mail artists Ryosuke Cohen and Anna Banana at the CROXHAPOX.

Lately, I am focusing on collage making, trying to express myself through working in bodies of small series. Being a trained photographer gives me the opportunity to find beauty in small discarded (paper) patches of color, graphics or images. I work with rescued found papers (newspapers, photo’s, zines, old books), together with pens, ink, paint, pastels, tape, stitching, and nature elements. I find it satisfying to create a new image out of two or more parts of cut outs. Time stops while looking for a balance in color and form. Making a new readable image is very exciting. The process of puzzling together paper pieces several times before they finally fit together and become a new item can be very slow but impulsive. In the end, I try to create a new image that is based on several old ones but with a completely different meaning and form.

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